The Clippers Staged an Argument to Squash Rumors of Chemistry Issues

by April 08, 2013

There was speculation last week about the LA Clippers having locker room issues, this despite all of their on-court success this season. The players cleverly addressed the rumors by pretending to get into a shouting match in the locker room. Per the LA Daily News: “Clippers center DeAndre Jordan shouted across the locker room Sunday to Chris Paul. ‘I don’t like you, Chris,’ Jordan yelled out. Paul didn’t flinch. ‘I don’t care,’ Paul answered. Meanwhile, Clippers forward Blake Griffin turned to Jordan, whose locker is near his, and snipped: ‘Get out of my way DeAndre. Move,’ Griffin shouted. Jordan didn’t back down. ‘I don’t like you, Blake Griffin,’ Jordan screamed. Finally, all three players shared a hearty laugh. Turns out it was all in fun. But it also was a message delivered to anyone who thinks the Clippers have a chemistry problem or their star players don’t get along.”