The D.A.Y. the NBA stood still

by April 03, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

The Florida Gators are the champions of college athletics once again. We have plenty of coverage of the national championship game from Jason Chatraw, Ben Collins, Khalid Salaam, there’s nothing more for me to add. Congrats to Billy Donovan, and congrats to myself because I am getting moneeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! Second place in the Harris Pub pool. If gambling on sporting events is illegal and the federalis are reading, then this is a satirical column intended for satirical purposes.

I came in second place, which is almost better than first, because first means everybody hates you and will make little wise cracks and gun for you in the future. Second, you fly under the radar and win $$$, even if its not nearly as much. I told SLAM Editorial Assistant Konate Primus about this possibility yesterday, and he asked if that meant I would buy lunch for everyone. Oh man, that Konate is a funny kid.

In the SLAMonline bracket, C-Note’s Finest is the big winner. E-mail me with your info so I can send out your prize, the Jordan Jeter Jumpman Vital shoe.

There were no NBA games played last night, in case you didn’t notice. I will now enjoy the relaxation of the early morning.
Once again, standing ovation for the Florida Gator dynasty.