The Death of Max Airington

by August 07, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Catchy title for a post, no?

You are all familiar with the name Max Airington, who is one of our more prolific commenters. Max is of course, a screen name. His earth name is Myles Brown.

Myles is an old school linkstigator. Lang has written his name in maroon over a gray background, if you go that far back and know what I mean. So here’s the long story short. Myles has a blog. It’s really good. Now he’s going to be one of our online columnists. (Oh my God was his MVP piece for The Starting Five THOROUGH!). The name Max Airington will live on in other places, but on slamonline it will disappear forever. Except it’s possible that he has found a strange loophole where he can be logged in as an author under one name and as a commenter under another. In that case, the title to this post is dramatically overstated, which is how I like it. When the time comes, everybody remember to say hello to Myles Brown, even though you know him already. I am personally happy that I won’t have to worry anymore about letting the wrong name slip out in public.

We have room to add more columnists in the future. Space is INFINITE! The best case scenario is times like the Playoffs, where I had foresight enough to assign eight different columnists a playoff series each, and everyday I had multiple options for deciding what story should go in what spot on the homepage. Things are understandably slower right now. Many of you have blogs of your own. All I can say is keep writing and someday you could receive the same invitation that Myles did. I try not to play favorites. Staying consistent with the updates to your blogs, and improving the quality as you write more are the best ways to get my full attention. Mutoni has given us much-needed machine-like consistency in the news and rumors department. I LOVE when people consistently produce for us. There, that’s my speech on that topic. I feel like a slimy college coach that is out on the road recruiting. Son, if you come to our program, we’ll make all your dreams come true! Ewwwwwwwwww.

Welcome aboard Myles! We’re all looking forward to the debut.