Dirty Thirty – The Motion Picture

by February 10, 2006

I’m trying something new again, and yes usually when I say that, things get a little weird. I recently got a laptop, and I’m getting into the video game. That is – the game of creating videos, not playing video games cause you know I’m already in too deep with that whole world. This is my latest Dirty 30, done motion picture style. For the soundtrack, I had to go with something DIP. And it had to be an instrumental, cause Killa, Juelz, Capo, Hell Rell and the rest of them kind of cuss too much. The only one I had with me at work is a little bit dated, but whatever. It’s laid back and relaxing. Enjoy the count.

Basketball-wise, let me defend my one big decision: I’m putting the Mavs ahead of the Spurs. Two days ago I first started putting this list together and I had it the other way. Now, I’m totally mixed up by the hotness of Dallas. They’re like a completely different team now, and Dirk really seems like a leader. Avery Johnson might end up as coach of the year. Now, I still think the Spurs are a better team, especially if Duncan gets healthy. But as of right now, 13 wins in a row is 13 in a row. And from the “I told you so” department, I’m really happy that 4 Pistons made the All-Star team. After they beat up on the Spurs on Christmas Day, I wrote this whole tirade in the Links about how the Pistons not only play team ball, unselfish etc. but they also have 4 superstars and Tayshaun ain’t so bad himself. Good to see that the All-Star team reflects that. As for the snubs, Chris Paul I’m fine with. He was borderline. Michael Redd should be there, but it’s not the end of the world. No Carmelo and no Gilbert Arenas is as bad as I can remember the league screwing up the process. I’m embarrased for the NBA this year. There is no defense for this one. Ray Allen over Carmelo? I just don’t get it. Paul Pierce over Gilbert? Do coaches really vote on these? What’s going on? Alright, let’s get back to the countdown. Here it is.

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