The fab 15

By Sam Rubenstein

dream teamToday is the day that the USA basketball team cuts its roster down to 15. Shawn Marion has a knee injury, and it looks like Luke Ridnour and Adam Morrison are going to be the last two bumped off. It’s okay Adam, here’s a tissue.

That leaves us with:

G Gilbert Arenas

G Joe Johnson

G/F/C/CF/SS/WR/RB LeBron James

G/FT shooter Dwyane Wade

G Chris Paul

G Kirk Hinrich

F/fouler Bruce Bowen

F Chris Bosh

F Carmelo Anthony

F/GP (good person) Shane Battier

F Elton Brand

F Antawn Jamison

F/C Dwight Howard

F/C Amare Stoudemire

C Brad Miller

They did a really good job of putting this team together. It’s funny, but because of injurires and scheduling as well as some other issues, we’re going to Asia without Kobe, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Shaq, Allen Iverson, and T-Mac. Two years ago you could have made an argument for that group being the best six American players in the NBA. I like that the younger generation is going to rep us this time. Well, some of them were on the roster last time, but… you know.

One thing to watch out for is the name of a certain forward/center on that list. Amare is on his way back. I would love nothing more than to see him beast out on the competition. We all remember the last U.S. team’s young players having a problem with their old coach. Carmelo and LeBron were glued to the bench (although LeBron played GREAT when he was given some rare minutes) and Wade wasn’t getting much run, but the guy that I feel was really hidden by that old washed up coach is Amare. He was basically there to just hang out courtside. The NBA season after Athens, which was the ’04-’05 season, he was a better player than LeBron, Wade, and Carmelo. Maybe those guys have caught up with him by now. I’m just hoping that he gets back to 100% and turns this thing into a personal showcase.

Uh… I mean, hopefully he can be a positive contributor to the team, play team ball, and play a meaningful role on a winning team. BEAST OUT Amare!