The NBA Can’t Punish Michael Beasley for Drug Charge During Lockout

There’s good news and there’s bad news: the League can’t do anything about the marijuana, but the law hasn’t locked anybody out yet. So, proceed with caution SuperCool Beas. From the Sun-Sentinel: “In the void of an NBA collective-bargaining agreement, there is no substance-abuse policy currently in place. None. ‘The anti-drug agreement — including testing and penalties — is not in effect during the lockout,’ league spokesman Tim Frank said in an email. Hmm, so that’s why no one is in a rush to get back to the negotiating table amid the current lockout. Talk about your ultimate amnesty program. Steroids? Banned substances? Pot? All legal issues at the current moment, nothing more. Those who had been subject to random testing? Those tests no longer are in place. It is an interesting crossroads for the players and the league.”