The Plot for Kevin Durant’s Movie Revealed

by September 20, 2011

Kevin Durant’s foray into movie stardom has begun in earnest, and as you might expect, the script for his debut film likely won’t be winning any Oscars. From EOB: “According to this iMDb page, Kevin Durant’s new movie is called Switch. It’s set to come out in 2012. It’s starring some actor named ‘Kevin Durant,’ so I’m just assuming this is the movie that Durant’s supposed to be in. Putting two and two together here, I am. The director is John Whitesell who has directed such films as Malibu’s Most Wanted, Big Momma’s House 2 and a bunch of TV episodes of ‘The Cosby’s,’ ‘Law and Order,’ ‘Blossom’ and ‘Coach.’ So as you can see, pretty impeccable resume there. The writers are Eric Champnella (Eddie, Mr. 3000) and Jeff Farley, who this is his first screenplay. The movie’s budget is just $7,000,000 and is being produced by Warner Bros. … Via this casting site, here’s a synopsis for Durant’s movie: ‘In a magical twist, Kevin Durant switches all of his basketball-playing skills with an enthusiastic young fan who becomes the star of his high school team… and leaving Durant and the Thunder helpless. With the playoffs approaching, they need to discover what it is that brought them together before the early end to the Thunder’s season.'”