The Struggles of one Richard Jefferson

RJ was brought in to inject some life into the Spurs and provide a scoring punch. Thus far, he has failed on both fronts, and the team sits at a somewhat unbelievable .500: “Eighteen games into his first season in San Antonio, Jefferson — a scoring star whose offseason arrival heralded the Spurs’ seriousness about challenging the Lakers in the West — is still struggling to find his niche in a new town. He is averaging 12.8 points per game, little more than Michael Finley provided the Spurs at small forward last season. In his past five games, Jefferson has reached 10 points just once. ‘It’s not about what my numbers should be,’ said Jefferson, who owns a career scoring average of 17.6 points. ‘I’ve been on teams where I’ve averaged 20 points and not made the playoffs. For me to take a step back and find my groove on a team that’s getting wins, I’d much rather have that.’ Right now, Jefferson is getting the worst of both worlds. The Spurs have lost three in a row, spiraling to 9-9 in advance of tonight’s game against Sacramento. And Jefferson is still in search of his elusive groove.”