Thon Maker’s Mentor Thinks Maker Will Reclassify, Be Eligible in Late-2015

by April 21, 2015

No one is really sure what star 2016 prospect Thon Maker plans to do for college. While he is currently in the class of 2016, he could potentially be in line for a reclassification into the class of 2015.

According to an interview that his mentor, Ed Smith, gave with, it appears that Maker could be in line for a reclassification into the 2015 class–as he previously indicated to us in a feature on him in our March Madness issue. Maker has a list of four schools that he is considering, and according to Smith, he could be eligible to play in the second semester of the 2015-16 season.


Thon Maker’s reclassification, future college destination and even whether he will play college ball have been among the biggest storylines in high school hoops.


A 7-footer with unique skills and mobility, Maker, who ranks as a top 10 player, has built quite the fan following and has his pick of high major basketball programs.


But before Maker, a standout at Orangeville (Canada) Prep, picks his future school. He first must decide when he will go to college. He was planning to be a member of the 2015 class – and he still could be – and go to college in late August. But it looks like Maker could go to school during the second semester of the upcoming college season.


“It’s shaping up like it’s going to be mid-year,” Maker’s mentor Ed Smith told Scout. “It’s looking more and more like it’ll be that. He has his core done. That’ll be done on June 23. He’s fine in his core. It’s just getting the work done.”


“For our sake we are going step by step to see what makes sense for him,” he added. “If we can get a mid-year situation that’s good for him and he can walk in then we’ll go with a mid-year situation.”


According to Smith, there are currently four schools – Arizona State, Indiana, Kansas and Kentucky – under consideration. Maker has taken visits to all but Arizona State. He hasn’t and doesn’t plan to conduct any in-home visits in the near future.