Ray Allen Trade Rumors Refusing to Die

by February 02, 2010

Ray’s name keeps getting batted around in trade chatter, something that his GM finds quite amusing: “For what it’s worth, Danny Ainge seemed genuinely perplexed yesterday at further reports the Celtics [team stats] are trying to trade Ray Allen. The general manager laughed at a couple of the rumors and was trying to understand how some that have been knocked down from both sides continue to get play. Ainge repeatedly has put off questions about the coming offseason and how much change there could be in the C’s roster, but he was pointed with regard to the current campaign. ‘Let me just put it this way: We’re doing everything we can to win a championship now,’ Ainge said. “We’re not going to do anything that might hurt our chances of winning. There’s no question we need to play better, but we’re not going to panic.”’