Tim Donaghy Analyzes Tape of Game 1

With Game 2 on deck tonight, a lot of words have been spent talking about Game 1. One of the main topics of conversation has been the refereing. There were a lot of fouls called in the first Finals game. Some appeared to be completely phantom. So who better to have analyze each call than disgraced refereee, Tim Donaghy? He went over the tape for Deadspin. Here are some of the better lines: “Palming violation missed. Artest gets away with one…Kobe gets a “star treatment” call with this bump. Cheap foul…Pierce fools the referee into calling this foul. Kobe is given his second foul and goes to the bench…Foul called on Pierce. I don’t see a foul on this play. Strange call — usually officials won’t make this type of call on the team down several points.” For more analysis broken down call by call, check out the original post.