Tim Duncan and His Wife Are Reportedly Divorcing

by May 24, 2013

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Spurs big man Tim Duncan is in the process of legally separating from his wife, Amy. The Duncans have two children: “The case is playing out in Bexar County District Court. Court papers filed last week include a request that legal discovery in the case be postponed until after the Spurs’ last playoff game. Efforts to confirm Thursday that the legal proceedings involve Tim Duncan, 37, and Amy, 35, were unsuccessful. But there are a few other clues in the case that point to the couple: The style of the case is A.S.D. vs. T.T.D. Tim Duncan’s middle name is Theodore. The petition says the couple married on or about July 21, 2001, which coincides with the date of the Duncans’ nuptials. Two children were born to the parties in the petition: A daughter with the initials S.I.D., born June 27, 2005, and a son, W.D.D., born Aug. 3, 2007. […] The Duncans were college sweethearts at Wake Forest University, where Tim starred on the Deacons basketball team and Amy was a cheerleader. Tim graduated in 1997 and was the first overall pick in the NBA draft, made by the Spurs.”