Tim Duncan’s Trainer Says He Would Be a ‘Legit Competitor’ in MMA

by August 02, 2017
tim duncan mma

Spurs legend Tim Duncan has been training in kickboxing during his retirement, and is reportedly good enough to compete professionally in the sport.

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Duncan’s trainer Jason Echols‏ calls Duncan “a f–king monster” and says he would be a “legit competitor” in MMA.

If Tim Duncan or David Robinson wanted to get into MMA, would they would be able to compete?


JE: [Duncan] would be a legit competitor. For sure. He has a desire to learn and compete. He has the heart for it. He most definitely would be a competitor.


“I would highly encourage him not to. Being a retired Spurs player, I wouldn’t want him going out there and getting punched and kicked by some of those guys, but Tim would be a competitor.


“David would learn to become one. They are both competitive guys and not used to losing.

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