Tom Thibodeau Supports Derrick Rose’s Decision to Sit Out the Season

by May 16, 2013

The Chicago Bulls’ magical, surreal ride through these Playoffs came to an end in Miami last night. Head coach Tom Thibodeau and his players continued to show support for the injured Derrick Rose, who didn’t suit up at all this season (with an eye towards the future.) Per the Chicago Tribune: “Derrick Rose indeed sat out every game following surgery to repair his torn left anterior cruciate ligament on May 12, 2012. ‘We didn’t know and he didn’t know,’ coach Tom Thibodeau said. ‘He heeded (Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf’s) advice from the beginning to not rush it and make sure he’s completely comfortable before getting out there. It’s too important a decision for him to rush. Until he’s completely comfortable, we don’t want him out there. We knew this was a possibility and that’s fine. You deal with it as best you can. We just want him to continue to work like he has been working. We want him completely healthy.’ His teammates continued to support Rose. ‘You definitely, as a player, you want him to come back,’ Joakim Noah said. ‘But you understand you have to look at the big picture. I’m really proud of him because he has dealt with it great with all the pressure coming from a lot of people.'”