Tony Parker to Play for Team He Co-Owns in France

by October 05, 2011

Tony Parker will be his own boss in France during the NBA lockout, as he inked with ASVEL, where he’s a team co-owner. From Ball in Europe (which has a delightful picture of Parker in his new uniform): “In an official statement, club officials stated that “Asvel Basket welcomes with great pleasure the arrival of Tony Parker, one of the best basketball players in French history. Following the uncertainty of recent weeks, the club is delighted that this transaction has been finalized. ‘The new Asvel playmaker will discuss his decision at a news conference to be held on Thursday, October 6 at noon (6am EST) in Paris; also in attendance will be Asvel president Gilles Moretton. Another press conference will be held in Lyon on Thursday, October 6 at the Astroballe in the presence of Laurent Foirest, Asvel basketball operations manager and head coach.'”