Top 10 dunks of the 2000’s

by June 05, 2008

By Konate Primus

So the subject of the 2000’s most emphatic, exciting, furious, thunderous, and “don’t let your kids watch sport center” kind of dunks took place in the SLAM dome between Khalid and I sometime last week and after lots of video research and memory this list is what we have to present you with. so many to choose from but these are the best I’ve seen and they are all so good I couldn’t put them in any particular order. Olympics, All star Weekend or dunks on Yao or Shawn Bradley not included… Mainly because everybody jams on Yao or Shawn its like NBA initiation? To me dunking on those guys are like hooking up with the nasty chick at school that every bodies been with,”word you too?”. Anyhow enjoy!
Kobe at the garden
Vince on Alonzo
Tyrus Thomas
Gerald Wallace
Amare on ‘Kandi- man
Bron on Duncan
Baron on AK47
Gerald Green on Jerome James
Rodney Carney on Dwade
Dwyane Wade on Rodney Carney