Tracy McGrady: Carmelo Anthony Should ‘Strongly Consider’ Coming Off The Bench

by December 01, 2017
carmelo anthony tracy mcgrady strongly consider bench

While Carmelo Anthony continues to insist the Thunder don’t need a lineup change, Tracy McGrady thinks Melo should “strongly consider” coming off the bench.

While guesting on ESPN’s The Jump on Friday, T-Mac pointed out how Dwyane Wade coming off the bench helped turn things around in Cleveland (starting at 0:42):

“Fifteen years still in the League, and I think the way his career went—I think you have to strongly consider [coming off the bench].


“Because you are on a great, contending team for a championship.” […]


“If a 3-time champion, Finals MVP, if he’s able to sacrifice for the greater good, you got to look at that. You got to strongly consider that.”

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