Tracy McGrady Says The Rockets Have Western Conference Finals Potential

by December 03, 2016
tracy mcgrady

Tracy McGrady is on the Houston Rockets‘ bandwagon this season.

T-Mac has been critical of his former team in the past, but after Houston’s double-OT win over the Warriors at Oracle on Thursday, McGrady thinks the Rockets can make it to the Western Conference finals.

During ESPN’s Cavs-Bulls broadcast on Friday, McGrady shared his thoughts on this Rockets team:

“It’s an interesting team. The reason I say that is because on any given night they can beat anybody and they can lose to any team depending on who shows up.”


“In the West, they are a contender. I don’t know if they’re a championship contender, but they are a contender to be in the Western Conference finals. I think they can beat any team in the Western Conference.”


“They’re going to score. The question is: Can you score with them?”

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