Tracy McGrady Knows His Pistons Days Are Numbered

by March 08, 2011

The T-Mac/Pistons marriage has been less than harmonious, to say the least, and Tracy is already contemplating relocation. From MLive: “McGrady, who has not played in the past five games, was asked following practice Monday whether his time on the bench would make it more difficult to want to stay with the Pistons after his contract expires at the end of the season. ‘Oh, of course. Of course,’ McGrady said. ‘I left my family back in Houston and I came here to dedicate myself and get back healthy and help this team win, and this is going on? Of course I’m going to think about it. I’ve already thought about it. I want to play. It’s a very frustrating time for me right now.’ Pistons coach John Kuester repeated that it is a simple numbers game, that the Pistons have too many guards to play them all. He also said McGrady could find his way back to the court this season. McGrady was asked whether anyone has said anything to him about why he isn’t playing. ‘Not really,’ he said. ‘I think I’ve got some sort of idea what it is.’ McGrady was asked whether he was willing to share what he believed the reason is. ‘No,’ he said.”