Tracy McGrady Says He Can Still Play and Would Like to Join the Lakers

by December 10, 2014

He’s been retired from the NBA for 15 months, but Tracy McGrady continues to work out hard, in the hopes of a very unlikely comeback.

McGrady, 35, is confident as ever in his basketball abilities and views himself as a still capable player.

Teams around the L aren’t looking T-Mac’s way; his wish would be to join Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers.

Per Bleacher Report:

The back spasms that sabotaged his prime seasons are gone. The left knee pain that took away his speed has disappeared. He is fresh. He is certain if he works extra hard and gets into what he calls “tip-top” shape, he can matter for a team again. […] “I’m better than half the damn league, anyway,” he will later grumble.


“The thing is, I can still go, man,” T-Mac says. “My body is still in shape. I can go. It’s about opportunity, though. … I want no limits on who I am and what I can do, not stand in the corner and shoot jump shots,” he says. “I want to be involved, that’s not saying 10 to 15 shots, I want to be involved. I don’t want to stand in the corner and shoot threes. That’s not me.”


The ideal team, T-Mac says, would be the Lakers. The Lakers are inexperienced. The Lakers need players. He could be the second star the Lakers must have to go with Bryant. […] “This Kobe,” he says. “I could play with him.”