Trading Spaces: NBA Edition

This could be my Christmas.

We get about 40 days of anticipation, expect mean amounts of blockbuster caliber deals and it all peaks in the NBA’s “morning,” (about 3 o’clock in the afternoon). What we get are usually completely unmemorable little deals — drug store-bought candies — that leave you wondering why you just wasted the last three hours of your life.
OK, the NBA Trade Deadline is probably Easter for the highly impoverished.

Regardless, we stick it out. And, today, while I write up the new College Hoops Top 10, I sit idly by, waiting for my sources (see: 2, ESPN) to alert me of a swap better than the Earth shaker Anthony Johnson-second round pick swap (which, I swear is a precursor trade to get a trade exception).

So, as always, check the Holy Rubenstein for updates first. I’ll be commenting there and leaving some in-depth analysis/pop culture references with each trade. And I’ll try to get on the horn to Mark Cuban (one source is better than none) to see what’s up with AJ.


– Freddy Jones, according to the bottom line (and ESPN.Com now, apparently), is now a Trailblazer. They managed to trade him for body double Juan Dixon in the day’s Lateral Trade That Has No Chance Of Helping or Hurting Either Team. This is like trading equipment managers. I remember watching both of them get drafted in 2002 (Jones went 14th [LOTTERY!?] and Dixon went 17th) and saying “Wow, for 6’3″ shooting guard, he’s going way too high.”

Now they’re being traded for each other and this is the most high-profile move of deadline day. The NBA, it’s FANNNTASTIC.