Tristan Thompson Apologies To Lou Amundson For Post-Game Diss

by November 14, 2015

Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson was on the wrong end of a highlight with journeyman Louis Amundson on Saturday at Madison Square Garden.

Nearing the end of the third quarter, Amundson came out of nowhere to cleanly block Thompson’s wide-open dunk attempt.

After the game, Thompson, frustrated with his 4-point effort on 1-4 shooting, threw what seemed like shade at the Knicks forward.

It wasn’t Thompson’s proudest comment, one that easily could have been a misconstrued joke aimed at a former teammate.

Regardless of the intent, Thompson took to twitter to apologize to Amundson.

Amundson has yet to respond, but it’s safe to assume the issue is now water under the bridge.