truth hurts

It’s hard I know but look beyond that lava-hot cover, because the stories inside are especially excellent in this issue. This is one of our best issues ever and we’re all excited and proud. I’m especially proud of myself for writing a story on race without any angry black man misgivings or victimology rants. Told you I could do it (they know who they are. Doubt me again I dare you)! I won’t give it away but it’s a piece on the assumptions we all make regarding race (I wished I could have gotten into gender stereotypes too, maybe one day…) and how they affect our subconscious and our conscious-I’m wide awake I know what I’m doing even if I feign ignorance thoughts. It damages all of us; make our lives less worthy and ultimately less fulfilling. I’m assigning blame of course (did you really think I would just avoid confrontation. Don’t you know me by now?) but nothing too crazy. It’s not about whose fault it is, more so identifying the problems so we can work on them. I didn’t include a magic pill because there isn’t one right now this is about dialogue. Hopefully people can stop pretending that this sh** doesn’t exist and that it doesn’t matter. Whether we’re talking sports or the rest of the world its time we all looked in the mirror.