Ty Lawson Excited to Play for a Ring in Houston

by September 02, 2015

Newly-acquired Rockets point guard Ty Lawson is pumped for a fresh start in Houston, and feels like he’s now finally in a position to compete for an NBA championship.

Lawson is grateful that All-Star teammate James Harden has been vouching for him following the completion of a 30-day alcohol rehab stint, and says he can’t wait to play hard for head coach Kevin McHale.

The 27-year-old wore out his welcome in Denver due to multiple off-the-court incidents, and the exasperated Nuggets shipped him off to Texas this summer.

Per Fox 26:

“Kevin McHale, he’s a cool coach,” Lawson said. “I sat down and had dinner with him, probably like a week ago. He just keeps everything real. He’s played before, so he knows what we’re going through. He makes everything straight forward, no grey areas. It was fun. We talked about everything, not just basketball, just life. He even had some stories when he used to play. It was a fun dinner. [….] So I’m excited to play for him.”


Lawson believes the trade to the Rockets will be good for his career. […] “It’s a huge chance,” Lawson said. “(The Rockets) went to the Western Conference Finals and could have won, but you just needed a couple of extra pieces. So I’m excited to be playing in a situation where I know I have a chance to win.”


“I feel like last year watching the playoffs, they definitely need another playmaker,” Lawson said. “You could tell James got a little bit tired. He had to come down and score and make passes every time on the court. So I just want to relieve a little bit of pressure for him the best way I can. […] This is a chance to play for one of those and get an NBA ring. I’m ready for it.”