Ty Lawson Sets Consecutive Three-Pointer Record

by April 10, 2011

Not known as one of the League’s elite sharpshooters, Ty Lawson wasn’t expected to set any three-point records this season. But he did just that, hitting his first 10 attempts from deep last night, one more than Latrell Sprewell drained in 2003. Via Yahoo! Sports: “Lawson made his first 10 3-pointers Saturday night on his way to a career-high 37 points in leading the short-handed Denver Nuggets to a 130-106 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Lawson became the first player in NBA history to start a game with 10 straight 3-point conversions but missed out on another record by finally missing from behind the arc. ‘Keep shooting,’ Felton recounted telling Lawson. ‘A guy’s hot like that, you’ve got to feed him the ball. That’s why I just took over the point, told him to go down the court, you can run the 2, come off all these screens, just set up, we’ll find you. I love it. Raining 3s like that, it’s fun to watch.’ Lawson missed a running 28-foot heave, though, as the third quarter ended with Denver ahead 101-69, finishing 10 for 11 from behind the arc. ‘I told him not to,’ Felton said. ‘Don’t shoot not crazy shot over there. But he wasn’t aware, though.’ Lawson had no idea that had he just stopped shooting 3s, he’d have been in the NBA record books for most 3-point conversions without a miss. Latrell Sprewell went 9 for 9 from behind the arc for the New York Knicks in a game against the Los Angeles Clippers in 2003. ‘Every time I threw it, it went in, except for that last one,’ Lawson said. ‘Even that last one I missed, I thought that one was going in.'”