by Lang Whitaker

I was all fired up to watch the USA/China game tonight on ESPN 2 at 9:30, and then I checked my email a second ago and got a press release from USA Basketball with the final score and some notes from the game in there.

Which means:
a) The game was already played and ESPN2 is showing it on tape-delay, which I didn’t know was the case. Why couldn’t they show it live? Didn’t want to bump any World’s Strongest Man re-runs?

b) Or the game is being played live tonight, but a huge fix is in. If that’s the case, I’m hopping a plane for Vegas right now and will be rich by this time tomorrow. Rich!

I’m not going to mention the final score here, so if you’re trying to avoid the score you can remain in the dark until tonight. I’m planning on watching anyway and keeping notes. I already put it out there today that Team USA is going to win it all.

What do you guys think?