Under Armour I-95 Challenge Recap

by May 03, 2011

From our friends at Under Armour:

The third annual Under Armour I-95 Elite Challenge took place in Baltimore at St. Frances Prep on April 30. The event featured best high school players in Baltimore against national teams comprised of elite players from Maryland, Virgina, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The teams represented the graduating classes of ’12, ’13 and ’14.

The day was split with the Baltimore team winning the 2014 and 2013 games while the national teams got the W in the girls game and 2012 game.

The most anticipated game featuring Aquille Carr (Patterson) and the Baltimore class of ’13 didn’t disappoint. After a slow start, Carr took over in the second half scoring 22 of his game high 26 points while bringing the crowd to their feet with his dribble drives. The other three games were decided each decided by four points or less.

Leading Scorers

Class of ’12
National Team: Terrell Rogers (Indian Land, N.C.) 17pts
Baltimore: Quentin Judd (Forest Park), 23pts; Lionel Greene (City), 23pts

Class of ’13
National Team: Josh Newkirk (Word of God, N.C.) 20pts
Baltimore Team: Aquille Carr (Patterson), 26pts

Girls Game:
DMV: Alexis Smith (St. Johns, D.C.) 11pts
Baltimore Team: Infinity Alston (Digital Harbor) 14pts

Class of ’14
National Team: Jamar Ergas (Chaminade College School, North York, Ontario) 15pts
Baltimore Team: Allen Costley (St. Frances Prep) 15pts

Under Armour I-95 Challenge National Team Class of 2012

Under Armour I-95 Challenge Baltimore Class of 2013

Under Armour I-95 Challenge Baltimore Class of 2014