Undrafted Forward Kevin Jones to Sign Three-Year Deal With Cleveland Cavaliers

Former West Virginia big man Kevin Jones went undrafted Thursday night, but doesn’t seem to have lasted too long on the open market. According to SNY, Jones will be headed to Cleveland after he signs a three-year, partially guaranteed contract with the Cavs: “Former West Virginia forward Kevin Jones has discussed the parameters and is expected to agree to a three-year, partially-guaranteed, multi-million dollar contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, his agent, Bill Neff, told SNY.tv. Free agents cannot formally sign deals until after midnight tonight. ‘We’re just real excited because it’s a good fit,’ Neff said. ‘We had a strategy. The bottom line is we wanted to get him to a certain team and this is precisely the kind of team we wanted to get him to that would develop him.’ Neff said Jones will play with the Cavaliers’ summer league team and could potentially play with their D-League franchise. ‘He’s looking forward to showing some people that they missed on him,’ Neff said.”