Utah Jazz Players Frustrated With Head Coach Tyrone Corbin?

This is Tyrone Corbin’s first full year at the helm in Utah, but there are rumblings that not all is well within the Jazz locker room. Reports the Salt Lake Tribune: “Tyrone Corbin has himself a problem. It’s emerged early in this season and it’s likely to re-emerge with more force later. It will test his strength and standing and his resolve and position as a head coach, as well as his ability to communicate with his players and his command of the Jazz on the whole: His use of younger players versus his use of veterans. There’s already the making of a division on the team, with some of the more experienced players grumbling about their minutes, about rotations, about coaching decisions. Raja Bell, an intelligent, articulate, strong-willed oldster, is frustrated with his role. Corbin was asked about that on Wednesday, and his response was: ‘Ask him about it.'”