Vince Carter to Consider Coaching Once He Retires

by April 02, 2015

Having gladly moved on from his Half-Man Half-Amazing days, Vince Carter now makes his living coming off the bench and drilling jumpers for the Memphis Grizzlies.

The 38-year old Carter, the fourth oldest player in the NBA, is starting to seriously contemplate what to do with himself once his playing career comes to an end—VC’s deal with the Grizz is guaranteed through next season.

Vince wants to get into some TV work, and perhaps also coach a little, too.

Per the NY Times:

“You think you’re going to be the star, the go-to guy, forever,” Carter said last week. “But when reality sets in, that’s when it’s a challenge: How do you deal with that?” […] After 17 N.B.A. seasons and eight selections to the All-Star Game, after all the acrobatics and the endorsement deals and the comparisons to fellow highfliers, which he never sought, Carter has found joy coming off the bench for the playoff-bound Memphis Grizzlies. He is a spot-up shooter, much as he was in three previous seasons with the Dallas Mavericks, and an example to his teammates.


“I watched Vince growing up, just like everybody else did,” the Grizzlies’ Jeff Green said. “To see the athleticism that he once had, and for him to accept the fact that he’s not what he used to be, it shows his professionalism and maturity. Because it’s hard to change. A lot of guys haven’t been able to do what he’s done.”


When he was injured this season, Carter made several appearances on the Grizzlies’ television broadcasts as a guest analyst. As usual, he was anticipating the next phase of his life, once his playing career concludes. He would like to work in television, he said, even though he has not ruled out coaching. If only he could find a way to do both. […] “Maybe I could come into practice and the coach would let me help out,” he said.