Vince Carter ‘Shooting’ to Play 20 Seasons in the NBA

39-year-old Vince Carter has designs on playing for two more years, which would give him 20 years of service in the NBA.

The grizzled veteran forward says his love of the game remains as strong as ever.

Carter remains a solid contributor in Memphis—he averaged 6.8 points in 13 minutes a night last season, while hitting 34.9 percent of his three-point attempts.

Per ESPN (via PBT):

“We know No. 19 is definitely going to go down. I’m shooting for 20, and we’ll go from there after that.”


Why does he keep coming back?


“Love for the game. Nothing else. I just love to play. It’s not out of me yet. When I don’t want to play and don’t want to put the work in, that’s when I step away from the game, but right now I still love it.”