Over the years I have often complained (to no one in particular, and to no avail) about how ridiculously early the NBA releases their All-Star ballots. If anything, they seem to be released earlier every year. And, without fail, every year someone who starts out hot is left off the ballot entirely, someone who’s injured is put on (and, in some cases—cough, Grant Hill—doesn’t play a single game before balloting ends), or someone gets traded to the other conference in the middle of the balloting. And then there’s always the inexplicable entry, a guy who seems to be on the ballot for no real reason at all.

Hello, Antoine Walker.

Well, there’s only one way to deal with this, best I can tell, and that’s to vote Antoine Walker an All-Star starter in 2008. I’m sure he already has other plans for that weekend, but that’s just too bad. We, the SLAM family, owe it to ourselves (and to Antoine) to send him to New Orleans.  RealGM already suggested a way to do it, but the mechanics aren’t as important as the result.