Warriors Coach Mark Jackson Unhappy With Refs After Loss to Thunder

by February 08, 2012

The Golden State Warriors lost a tight affair last night to the visiting OKC Thunder, and head coach Mark Jackson seemed to blame it mostly on the referees. From the San Fran Chronicle: “The Warriors blew a seven-point lead in the final seven minutes. In the fourth quarter, they committed six turnovers to the Thunder’s three and shot 38.9 percent to 47.6. But Jackson focused on the officials’ mistakes, taking one for the team and likely accepting a fine from the league in return. ‘We’re a no-excuse basketball team,’ Jackson said. ‘Like we say, ‘One play doesn’t lose it.’ But on that play at the end, David Lee gets hammered by James Harden, clearly. We don’t get that call. David Lee picks up his fifth foul when he doesn’t even put contact on Russell Westbrook, who blatantly fouls Monta Ellis. These are calls that you cannot get back, but they hurt us. I don’t accept ‘My bad’ from my players all night long, and it’s getting old accepting ‘My bad’ (from the officials) on missed calls.'”