Warriors Owner Joe Lacob Disturbed By the Team’s Play at Home

by February 12, 2014

Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson is clearly past the honeymoon phase
with this team, and majority owner Joe Lacob seems to think it’s a good thing Jackson is under an increasing amount of pressure to succeed. Lacob is also very unhappy with the Warriors’ performance on their home floor of late. Per the Mercury News:

What is Joe Lacob’s general mood with the Warriors standing 31-21 and sixth in the Western Conference playoff stack?

Based on a Tuesday night phone conversation, the Warriors’ co-owner is in a big wait-and-see period and he has no problem with publicly letting everyone know that he isn’t thrilled with the run of home losses of late.

And he has no problem with coach Mark Jackson knowing that he isn’t thrilled.

The way look at bottom line, net-net as we say, is that we are 31-21, and we have not played as well as we need to play. We’ve been very inconsistent at home. The road’s been fine.

But at home we’ve lost a couple games—to Minnesota and to San Antonio when they played their scrubs, if you remember… and Denver and Charlotte. Maybe another, four games that we just absolutely should’ve won.

The team wasn’t ready in those games. I can’t explain it—why we don’t play so consistently at home as we should. We have a great home-court advantage, great fans, great atmosphere. It’s not clear.

But if we had (won those games), that’s the difference between really being let’s say 35-17 and being 31-21 now. We could be tied essentially with the Clippers for fourth.

We’re not that far off. I’m not as discouraged as some of the fans seem to be. Let’s wait ’til the end of the season to see where things end up.

So my answer to your question overall: I’m a little disappointed,. But not overly concerned yet.

-Q: Are you happy with the job Mark Jackson and his staff is doing?

-LACOB: I think you’re always evaluating everybody, whether it be the players, the coaches… It’s hard to know, if you don’t quite win a few games you should, is it the coach’s fault? Is it the players; fault? It’s hard to say.

I think we’ll have to look back on a body of work at the end of the season and look at that and make an evaluation.

I do think our coach has done a good job—we have had some big wins, a lot of wins on the road, and that’s usually a sign of good coaching.

But some things are a little disturbing—the lack of being up for some of these games at home, that’s a concern to me.