The Warriors Used Virtual Reality to Woo Kevin Durant

The Golden State Warriors called up some of their Silicon Valley buddies to help out with the free agent pitch to Kevin Durant.

KD strapped on a pair of VR goggles to visualize what the future may look like in a Dubs uniform prior to making his decision.

Durant’s family also urged him to be “selfish” with his choice of teams.

Per USA Today:

In a meeting between the former MVP and one of his six suitors, one that lasted more than two hours and ultimately sealed the deal, Durant looked through a pair of virtual reality goggles and saw his next step.


There were shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, footage from the Warriors practice facility, of coach Steve Kerr talking to his team inside the Oracle Arena locker room and even a courtside view inside the building where there had been so much basketball bliss. There was music in the NextVR production, too, a song that had long since become a favorite in the Warriors’ circles and, in the end, was quite perfect for the moment. […] “I got a really big team, and they need some really big rings,” the lyrics by renowned rapper, Drake, played. “Man, what a time to be alive … Oh you switchin’ sides? Wanna come with me?”


But Durant didn’t believe that they wanted him until they sat face to face in that meeting. As several attendees remember it, his agent from Roc Nation Sports, Rich Kleiman, asked tough questions that Durant had to have answered. The last thing they wanted was to find out after the fact that there was even an ounce of resentment inside whichever locker room he would choose. […] “Why the hell would you guys want Kevin?” Kleiman asked the players. “Why would you be OK with it?”