Washington Wizards Won’t Provide a Timetable for John Wall’s Return

by December 07, 2012

John Wall is still on the sidelines, nursing a preseason knee injury. How long will he continue to be out? No one seems to know. Per the WaPo: “Ten weeks after the Wizards announced that John Wall would miss ‘approximately’ eight weeks because of a stress injury in his left patella, the injured point guard is still unable to practice, scrimmage or even elevate to shoot. Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld and Wall both referred to the injury as a ‘bump in the road’ that wouldn’t keep him down for long, but the team now has no timetable for his return. His extended absence has raised concerns, but Coach Randy Wittman acknowledged Thursday that the original estimate was actually eight-to-12 weeks. Wittman began to panic when a reporter asked if Wall would return this season. ‘I hope so. What the heck is that? You’re scaring me,’ Wittman said before cursing a few times. ‘I just talked to my mother again today. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not looking at it like that’ He added, ‘We’re not hiding anything here.’ Grunfeld said that the team is following orders from the medical staff and will put Wall on the court when he receives clearance, and not a minute sooner. ‘We have to do what’s best for him long term. It’s frustrating for him, because he’s such a competitor. He worked so hard in the offseason and he wants to be out there with his teammates.'”