Watch the Nets Lose; Get Your Taxes Done

by March 03, 2010

Gotta hand it to New Jersey’s crack marketing staff — those guys never stop trying: “The struggling New Jersey Nets have come up with another gimmick to sell tickets during a season in which they’ve won only six games. This time, they’re giving fans a different return on their money — a tax return. The Nets have combined with Roni Deutch Tax Center to offer a free New Jersey income tax return to state residents 18 years and older who attend their game against the Orlando Magic on Friday night at the Izod Center. Patrons won’t get their state taxes done on the spot. They’ll be given a coupon for a free state tax return. The cost is usually $29. Not a bad return from a team that has a shot at breaking the NBA record for fewest wins in a season. ‘I know two things about sports fans: They take sports very seriously and they still have to deal with the IRS,’ Deutch said.”