Welcome to Beasley’s Latest Controversy

by October 26, 2009

Michael Beasley was photographed sleeping on a boat, with a bunch of empty beer bottles strewn around. The Miami Heat, though, say there are no issues: “This latest incident could be easily dismissed. Beasley was aboard a chartered fishing trip after an Oct. 10 practice he had no desire to be on, but was encouraged to go by his counselor from that drug rehab stay in Houston. Instead of casting, Beasley found a soft spot for napping. It just so happened to be the wrong spot, a place where there was a table with a bunch of open beer bottles resting nearby as well. Say cheese. Flash. It was that easy to put Beasley in another uncomfortable spot. TMZ.com did what TMZ.com does. And it ran a story with all kinds of not-so-subtle suggestions about how Beasley was drifting into temptation again.”