What’s Beef: Maggette vs. Crawford

by February 05, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

So, this happened at Warriors HQ a few nights ago:

According to a team source, guard Jamal Crawford and forward Corey Maggette had a heated exchange during Monday’s overtime loss to the San Antonio Spurs. It took me a while to confirm it, but the argument started on the court, believe it or not.

Crawford, apparently sparked by a comment from Maggette, began yelling at Maggette about his selfish play. The usually mild-mannered Crawford was the aggressor in the exchange, according to the source, and told Maggette to “contribute something other than scoring.” The shouting match extended into the locker room at halftime.

Last night, following Golden State’s win over the lifeless Suns, the mood in the locker room was much happier. And naturally, Maggette and Crawford both downplayed the incident.

“It’s nothing that doesn’t happen on any team,” said Crawford, who wouldn’t go into specifics about the confrontation. “It’s over. It happened and we’ll move on.”

In basketball-related matters, if you’re into that sort of thing, Stephen Jackson notched the first triple double of his career agains the Suns. The crowd gave him an ovation when the achievement was announced. Despite the terrible record, all appears to be well in Warriors-land.