What’s Going On…

by Lang Whitaker

Perhaps you remember our little site we used to call SLAMonline.com. It was balky like the new Knick Renaldo and old school like P.J. Brown. We had The Links, I’m Just Saying…, The D.A.Y., Omar and various other things in there. It was fun, and we worked hard at it, but it was like washing the dishes without using your thumbs — at the end of the day, there was only so much that we could do.

Well, welcome to the new SLAMonline. All that old stuff? It’s still here. But now we’re new and improved, with all kinds of cool bells and whistles.

How does all this work? Play around with it. But basically, you can read all of The Links by clicking on “The Links” whenever you see it written in orange. Same with any other section. And you can post comments down below, too. (Your first time you post we have to approve you, but after that you’ll be free to write anything you want.) We’ll be posting more often — even posting live from games and events, using our Sidekicks — and video, podcasts and other cool stuff is on the way. And check out the homepage: we even have live news and scores up in there.

For now though, you can check out The Links and Sam’s new column, Sam Online, which we’ve both been typing away on the last few days.

Have fun, and we’ll see ya on Monday.