Where We At…

by August 25, 2006

by Lang Whitaker

After waking up every day this week at 6:00 a.m. to watch the US beat various international teams, I’m taking Friday off and heading out of town for the weekend. So no Links on Friday, although Sam will be around and he’ll probably give you some stuff for Sam Online.

Actually, when you get to the site tomorrow, there may not be a Sam Online, at least as you know it now (don’t worry, Sam will still be blogging away). We’ve made a few tweaks to things and the new new site should be up and running Friday. It’s basically the same as what you’re looking at now, but it should be a little more streamlined and easier to navigate, and it’ll also make it simpler for us to show you what’s new and what you can’t afford to miss.

Team USA’s next game, against Australia, comes on Saturday night/Sunday morning at midnight from what I can tell, and I’m going to do my best to park myself in front of a TV and get notes up at some point before Sunday morning.

So, see ya this weekend…later…