Where’s the MVP?

By Sam Rubenstein

Nelly FThere’s been lots of coverage of Team USA, and all of their great talented players that are rolling right now. But let me pose a question to the tri-captains and all those other superstars: “Is your game MVP like Steve Nash?”

No. It’s not. At least not according to the nbbwaa ar whatever they call the group that votes for the MVP. We know what LeBron, Wade, Melo, etc. have been up to. It’s been a few weeks since the back to back reigning MVP has been heard from. He got a haircut that upset some people (including myself) and he was hanging out with soccer players, calling Zidane an artist and stuff like that. But he was in glamorous Seacaucus, NJ last night for a Q & A on the set of NBA TV . Courtesy of NBA.com, here it is.