Will Gilbert Arenas Face Jail Time?

by March 24, 2010

If prosecutors have their way in the Arenas case, Gil could end up behind bars. The WaPo has the details: “If you aren’t completely numb to the entire Gilbert Arenas-Javaris Crittenton gun incident by now — heck, even if you are — then I would advise you read the 61-page sentencing memo that federal prosecutors submitted on Tuesday. The document is a truly fascinating account of what transpired before and after the suspended all-star guard brought guns to the locker room on Dec. 21 in a dispute with Crittenton. Arenas is set to be sentenced on Friday after pleading guilty to a felony gun possession charge. I’ve spoken with a few people about Arenas in recent days and he isn’t doing too well. He has even started to shut out people. One person told me that after he received word that his estranged mother, Mary Francis Robinson, passed away, Arenas sent out a mass text message to those close to him informing them not to reach out to him; that he would call them. I heard that Arenas was starting to feel better before hearing about his mother’s death but he has sunk into a deeper hole. Prosecutors are requesting that Arenas spend at least three months in jail, with three years of probation and 300 hours of community service. After interviewing Wizards teammates, employees and management, lead prosecutor Christopher K. Kavanaugh claims that Arenas was not playing a ‘misguided prank’ on Crittenton — as Arenas has tried to explain many times before — but he actually made a ‘calculated and premeditated’ threat.”