Will Joakim Noah Need More Than 3 Weeks Off?

by March 04, 2010

The Bulls shut down their injured forward, but according to the Chicago Tribune, Noah could end up taking more time off than what was initially announced: “Take the three-week absence the Bulls officially called for Joakim Noah on Wednesday with a skeptical eye. Even if the plantar fasciitis that plagues his left foot has subsided by March 24, there is no guarantee the third-year big man will return after adding 10 more missed games to the 10 for which he has already sat. And assuming the pain is gone, Noah has admitted many times that it’s difficult for him to remain in proper condition without running up and down the hardwood floor that, currently, is causing him so much pain. At the very least, Noah will return on a minutes limit. And most likely gone for good this season is the 40-minute, double-double machine that he had become. The best-case scenario pegs Noah to be healthy and conditioned in time for the NBA playoffs, which start in late April.”