Will the Nets Have to Shop Terrence Williams?

The Star-Ledger speculates that New Jersey may need to make an unpopular decision with fans, as T-Will has become a wanted man around the League: “Terrence Williams is the Nets’ best ticket out of power forward purgatory. By now, Billy King knows this, because he is getting more calls about the kid than he does about any other player – and these solicitations have been escalating since Orlando, where T-Will’s summer league showing drove his value to an all-time high. Now it’s a case of justifying a divorce from one of your faves, which is impossible judging your e-mails, as you undoubtedly love Williams’ talent, versatility and upside. But start by doing this: Admit that right now, this kid is a spare part – and an extremely valuable one. What else can you call him? The way the team is currently constructed, they’re already two-deep at the 1, 2 and 3 – which makes T-Will a third-stringer at all three positions. He’s not going to get minutes at the point – not with Jordan Farmar in town now. He’s not going to get minutes at the 2-spot – not the way Courtney Lee plays both ends and the way Anthony Morrow hits 3s. And he’s not going to play small forward, because they’re (over)paying Travis Outlaw $7 million a year and because Avery Johnson has fallen head-over-heels with Damion James – who, according to everyone in Orlando, has at least two inches on Terrence and will be a better defender/rebounder at that position. Upshot: They like T-Will just fine, just as you do, but he had better think about renting until further notice.”