Will Kevin Durant Re-Sign This Summer?

by March 04, 2010

KD wants to make GM Sam Presti’s life easy once the season comes to an end. He told FanHouse that he’s looking to re-up in OKC this summer: “For starters, let it be known nobody on the Thunder has acknowledged it is an option to possibly wait until the summer of 2011 to re-sign Durant as a restricted free agent with the thinking a new collective bargaining agreement will have significantly reduced maximum salaries. But if it is an option, it’s one that should quickly be eradicated from the minds of Thunder brass. Just listen to the third-year forward talk. In an interview with FanHouse before Wednesday’s game at Denver, Durant said his preference is to sign a contract extension this summer with Oklahoma City because he enjoys playing for the team so much. Why would Thunder officials even think for even one second about jeopardizing that by waiting a year? ‘Yeah, that’s what I want to do,’ Durant said about signing an extension when he first is eligible, which would be after negotiations can start July 1 and until Oct. 31. ‘I want to be here. I want to be part of this organization.’ If the Thunder this summer offers Durant a maximum contract extension, which would be in the neighborhood of $80 million over five years, Durant will reach quickly for a pen.”