Wilson Chandler Close to Signing 5-Year, $30+ Million Deal in Denver

by March 16, 2012

Wilson Chandler is reportedly close to reaching an agreement to return to the Mile High City, where he can expect to make over $30 million in the next five years. Per ESPN: “The Denver Nuggets are closing in on a long-term deal with restricted free agent Wilson Chandler, according to sources with knowledge of the talks. Sources said the deal could be completed as early as Friday. ‘It’s very, very close,’ one source said. Final parameters are still being discussed, sources said, but one scenario on the table is a five-year deal worth in excess of $30 million with a team option in the fifth year. After trading away veteran center Nene earlier in the day, Denver had more financial flexibility to offer the long-term deal Chandler has been seeking since returning from a stint in China earlier this month.”