Woman Suing Kobe Bryant Over Alleged Marriage Proposal

The lady’s legal claims against Bryant (and several others) have already been dismissed in court before, but she’s not giving up. From the OC Register: “The accusation comes two years after an Ohio federal judge dismissed an invasion-of-privacy and defamation suit brought by Selina Miller, 46, against Bryant, the NBA and its commissioner, concluding that the allegations lacked ‘an arguable basis in fact and are not plausible.’ In a telephone interview Tuesday, Selina Miller, 46, said she is upset ‘to be stood up before getting to the altar.’ A representative of Bryant, a Newport Coast resident, could not immediately be reached for comment on the new civil suit filed last month in Orange County Superior Court. In the Ohio case, the judge dismissed the suit, in which Miller represented herself as she does in her claim in Orange County, calling it ‘frivolous.’ The Ohio court noted that Miller had filed at least 10 other suits against other defendants – many of them dismissed a short time later – asserting similar claims of slander and invasion of privacy. In the Orange County breach-of-contract complaint, which is difficult to follow and includes many grammatical errors, Miller alleges that on May 1 she received a completed and signed agreement from Bryant, but it is unclear what the document supposedly stated. Bryant’s behavior ‘comports with unfair business and no good faith efforts,’ her complaint reads. ‘The defendant Kobe Bryant marriage proposal with Selina Miller is breached.’ Miller asserted in the telephone interview that Bryant bought into a rumor that she is a prostitute and called off their marriage.”