You Can Find Streetballers in St. Louie

Not widely considered a hotbed for hoops, St. Louis produces plenty of pro players. From Larry Hughes to Darius Miles and David Lee, the Lou has had some real good ballers as of late. As Matthew Scott Krentz and crew illustrate in their award-winning film Streetballers, players in St. Louis face the same tough street trials that New York and Cali (and many other places) cats face. With a lot of basketball, fresh beats and action, this movie appears to be right up SLAM’s alley.

With Streetballers coming to theaters in St. Louis this Friday, August 21st, and with the DVD dropping shortly thereafter, take a peek at the trailer below and size it up for yourself.

It’s been proven that St. Louis has players, but does it have fans? It’s time to show and prove.