BabyLinks: Arizona, Oklahoma (St.), Sylvester Stallone-a?

by Ben Collins

– God Bless Oklahoma State. They’re the newest to make Andy Katz’s columns look remarkably out-of-date in, oh, a day. Really, he did a whole day’s worth of research on this thing right here and now it reads like a column about those wacky new pog things after the Cowboys’ 72-68 win over Syracuse. To that end, OSU (no, not the one in Oregon) is now a legitimately impressive 10-0. Mario Boggan had been shooting over 60% and he penciled his name in at All-Big 12 Forward with 21 against the Orange. JamesOn Curry sealed it with a three with 30 seconds left, now they’re the best in the Big 12. What about Texas A&M?

– Yeah, what about Texas A&M? Acie Law laid an egg in his biggest test yet and Big Baby dropped a workmanlike 24 and 10 in a 64-52 LSU win that was just as lopsided as it sounded. One of those big Tiger wear-’em-down games where they took over in the second half. But I think I’ve got a replacement in the Top 10 this week.

– Arizona. Awesome win against a Louisville Cardinals team on a pretty good day. Lottery-bound Marcus Williams went 0-of-5 from the floor and fellow first-rounder-to-be Mustafa Shakur had an equally sucky night (seven points on 2-of-10 shooting) and they still managed to get 17 or more from three other starters. Welcome to the Top 10.

– Speaking of the Top 10, we need your lists and quotes to make the countdown on Friday.

– So I’m interviewing Sylvester Stallone tomorrow after seeing Rocky yesterday. Just… don’t ask. The review and such will be up this week, along with a Top 10, a nice interview with the folks from the Flagrancy and some live notes from the Celtics-Suns Friday. Did I mention Sly Stallone? Sly f’n Stallone?